One Tollway Fare, Easy To Share.


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Now Also Available

The SharePass "Mini"
for the new transponders


sharepass mini


Available at Jewel Osco
Ace Hardware
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Article about SharePass
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Introducing the Sharepass™!


I-Pass Holder!
EZ-Pass Holder!
I-Zoom Holder!


SharePass is a toll pass holder that allows you to share your transponder with multiple vehicles registered to the same account. There is no need to purchase a toll pass for every car in the family!


SharePass accommodates all EZ-Pass,
I-Pass, and I-Zoom tollway passes!


SharePass is a toll pass holder that is made of durable heat and cold resistant polycarbonate. It adheres securely to your windshield with a quality 3M adhesive. No need to work with suction cups!


SharePass has a unique locking device designed for your safety. Your EZ-Pass,
I-Pass or I-Zoom easily clicks in place in your SharePass holder. Your toll pass can then be easily removed to be transferred to another vehicle or taken down to discourage theft.

Get a SharePass toll pass holder for each of your registered vehicles!


***(Your SharePass holder is designed to stay mounted on your windshield, your transponder is meant to be moved from vehicle to vehicle.)


SharePass custom orders and Pad-printing are available.


Selling the SharePass™?

Sell SharePass in your Store! SharePass makes a great "endcap" item in your gas station, auto parts store, and other retail shops. Excellent quantity discounts!